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on Oct/25/2012 at 23:29

Aaron Ireland.

The key to a good neighborhood is parental control, fear of the police,and belief in God..I too lived in Roseland, when I was a kid growing up in the good old days, everyone knew someone who knew you, only you didn't know who..If you came home and mom or dad were waiting for you, someone they knew saw you do something you shouldn't be doing...Let the punishment begin.. begin..and begin..In those days it wasn't known as child abuse, it was parental

We had dances at Medel on Sunday Nights, the Y dances I think were on Saturday, and the Battle of the Bands at the State Theater, in the summer it was swimming at Palmer Park or West Pullman Park, when you got to be a teenager it was Calumet Park Beach..You know Styx was from Roseland, only in those days they were known as TW Four...We had our groups/gangs that we hung out with, and if a dispute came about, it wasn't handled with a knife or a gun...It was skin on skin...only thing that ever got fired was a right hook or a left jab...with girls add kicking and pulling hair...Times and people have changed

Best of luck to you..It was a great place to grow up...
on Oct/18/2012 at 20:13

What a positive message Aaron Ireland left in his message of 18 Oct 2012. I hope in my lifetime Roseland will be resurrected to the prominence it once had. Only the people living there can make it a safe and livable place to live in. The Family and their Churches are the most important institutions to make it happen. It already has a Public Transportation System to get anywhere around the City for it's inhabitants.
I would like to comment on Kevin's "Church was a hang out for kids". Crossing Indiana Avenue on about 117th Street was the elevated tracks of the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern RR. This was the unofficial border of St. Anthony Parish (Italian) and St. Salomea (Polish). Both Churches had Youth hangouts. Weekly Dances at SAYPA (St. Anthony Young Peoples Association) were held in the Church Hall and St. Salomea has a storefront Clubhouse accross from the Convent. I went to my first SAYPA Dance with my friends Junior Marinello and John Gatto. As soon as we sat down, next to me plops the Calabrese Priest to give me an informal initiation, interrogation and explanation of the ground rules. This was routine and all the girls were giggling since this always happened to newcomers. Only then did I get to dance with some of the girls. I enjoyed many SAYPA Dances later. Their Social Control worked and St. Anthony's is still an active Parish in Roseland.
Messages : 325 to 333
Page : 37
Number of messages : 1762