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on Feb/26/2007 at 18:53

Hey, I went to Scanlan School in kindergarten through 2nd grade. 1967 thru 1969. Lived down from the Normal theatre, right next to a VFW hall, across from Spillers Drug store and Jewel.(which had a big field across from Jewel) We use to play in that field as a kid. I had a good friend named Brian that lived a couple buildings away on the corner , across from that field, he had a sister named Kathy. I also had a buddy named Jimmy that lived behind me across the alley. Two other good friends I remember from my childhood are Keith and Willard Blankinship (if the spelling on their last name is correct).
I know lots more names of people from my brother, I had a couple older brothers and a sister that went to fengar High School too. anyway,, any connections please feel free to e-mail me, I would love to hear from someone that went to school with me or remembers me. Thanks.
on Feb/26/2007 at 14:35

Very nice site. have enjoyed all of it.
on Feb/18/2007 at 22:28

My Roseland memories

The Solas ( all of them) Lucky and Lady, ,Gompers, Angelo, Ziller, Zot, Larry Lathis, Brooster, Harry the mail man Larry the milkman, Rags O Line, the Rosebowl, Saint Anthonys, Father Naline and Dell, Sister Mary Jane Francis YEOW! Pat and Mats, The Penquin, The Bum Town Gents, Torino Bakery, Chatlas Bros, Curtis Fenger, Phil Borkstom, Art Minard, Mr Macarthy, Jeris, Rillios, Debbie Smith, Kathy Falco, “GO,GO” White Sox”, State and Roseland Theater(with the double seat in front for two ton baker) Gateleys People Store and the photographer in front that would take your picture and give you a receipt to send in. Roseland Little League, I played for Fehsals Auto Service. Corky Silas, Mr. Smith. Jays, Popeyes, Krezmers Pantry, Spikes, all little grocery stores. DelCotto’s, West Pullman Park (where’s the Eagle) I know…Palmer Park, Polish Home, Mikes Social Club, The Home Store, Dr. Basil. Down the hill, the grain elevators, Phillip 66, junkyards, tar bubbles, Tommy Knutsen, Vic’s at 127th and Mich. Vincies, Chicken Little, The Pit, Flag Brothers, Style Center, Hermans Army Store, Polish Gym Shoes, blue Tanker Jackets, Cuban heels and horseshoe cleats. TW4, TheKids, The Gas Station, The Macombo, The Red Lantern, Nino’s and Giovannies, Ken and Dicks, Pesaventos, to name a few.
Messages : 1621 to 1629
Page : 181
Number of messages : 1749