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on Jan/25/2007 at 22:29

Hi Tom
Great site!!

Judy (Sunny Az)
on Jan/21/2007 at 19:07

Hi all: Just found the site. Great to see a lot of "older" folks such as myself. I graduated Brenan in 1953, Fender in 1957. I lived at 240 W. 112th place, worked at Gatelys for a while during high school, then went downtown to make my "million", more like 365 dollars a month being a legal secretary!! My great-grandparents were one of the first families to settle in Roseland, they operated a store on 111th west of Princeton. Slager was their name. Our name was Gombert, my sister Mickey, and brother Bud. Bud died 10 years ago of leukemia, still miss him a lot. He played football for Fenger. Could go on and on but I wont. email me if you want to share.
on Jan/07/2007 at 22:44

I grew up in Roseland from 1965 - 1971 I lived at 11743 S. Michigan ave between Piszarskis funeral home and panozzo's hardware my Dad owned an appliance repair shop and we lived in the back of the shop.
With two brothers Chuck Webb and Bill Webb I went to Scanlan grade school and CVS High.
I married a Polish girl from 119 th and Perry Bernice Uryga she attended St Louis grade school and Mother of sorrowes high in Blue Island.
I have a lot of good memories of Roseland Like hanhing out on the ave and crusing for chicks all over Rosland because we know the best girls in the world lived or wanted to live in Roseland.
Messages : 1621 to 1629
Page : 181
Number of messages : 1728