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on Jun/29/2007 at 15:15

I found a picture of the Rigoni Family home at 11708 Michigan on this site and was so thrilled, I sent it to anyone who would care, including a number of my fellow students at St Louis of France. We have been fortunate to have found each other but still interested in finding more from the class of '67! The site is really well done and you can't help but spend a bit of time on it. My uncle's tavern on 117th and Princeton is also on one of the videos on youtube. My first job was at Gately's as the "popcorn girl" in the basement...remember? Those were the days. Thanks so much for entertaining us and bringing back some fabulous memories
on Jun/29/2007 at 14:30

I lived at 107th and wabash. moved in 1960. went to all saints.
on Jun/25/2007 at 21:04

I didn't grow up in Roseland, but in nearby Blue Island. I have fond memories of going shopping with my Mom in Roseland in the fifties and early 60s. We'd start at 111th and Michigan, stopping at Walgreens on the corner and crossing over to Gatelys. I used to love going through the revolving doors the Gately's Entrance had. We'd shop a couple of blocks and then turned around and came back. Often I went with my folks and took in a movie at the State Theater. That was such an impressive theater! I like your site. Wish you had more photos of Michigan Ave. from the 1950s or inside Gatelys. Otherwise, thanks for the nice site!!!
on Jun/18/2007 at 12:28

Hello There,

A friend mentioned to me that she'd read a message on this site from someone inquiring if anyone had heard from Judy Baker Shelley. I'm Judy's daughter, and would be delighted to put anyone in touch with my mom who would like to catch up with her.

I can be reached at: kitty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxx or 773-xxx-xxxx.

Thanks so much, and take care.

Webmaster's reply : Click on kitty's e-mail envelope (to the right of her name) to reply to her email.
Kitty, you are more than welcome to join us on the Roseland Golden years web site Forum. Click on the link in the 1st post here in the Guest book.
Messages : 1558 to 1566
Page : 174
Number of messages : 1728