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on Oct/21/2007 at 15:47

Saw the entry from Dawn Hillegonds. My parents were good friends with your Uncle "Corny" and Aunt Sue. I have many memories of the American Legion because my dad, Gib, was a bartender there and my mom, Marcie, used to work the fish fry Fridays. That was a great social club, too bad places like that are so hard to find now.

I also saw the entry from Tom Pesavento. Did your parents/family own the Pesavento's restaurant? They had the best spaghetti ever!! It was always such a treat to go there for dinner with my family.

Thanks for the great site!!!!!!!!!!!!
on Oct/19/2007 at 16:43

Loretta (Lori) Rago-O'Connor. WOW ~ Heard about the site from a cousin of mine. Rose Munari. We all grew up on Kensington Avenue. Down the hill from Margies Rainbow, and up the hill from St Anthony. Across the street from the Moose. St Anthony grade school, Seton High School. Married Fran O'Connor in 71. He graduated from Fenger in 67 or 68. My older brother, Jim Rago-(Rags), graduated from Mendel. He married Laura Hickey, also from Fenger. Nothing like Roseland. See alot of people that look familiar living in my surrounding area, but we have all changed so much it's impossible to know if they are who you think they are. Love to hear from anyone that remembers me, or any family members of mine. Anyone I went to school with. I have been looking for alot of people from those days through ZABA SEARCH and the like.Emailed a few from this site. Not sure if those emails actually reach thier destination. Hope to hear from someone.............Add your name to the subject line if you email me.
I can be found at
on Oct/17/2007 at 01:15

WOW!!! What a walk down memory lane. As I child I practically lived at West Pullman park. I was on Park Team volleyball and loved the swimming pool and park shows which I participated in and of course hanging out at the tennis courts in the summer and then ice skating in the tennis courts during the winter with all the cute boys playing hockey. Let's not forget riding your bike through the park and then there was that one hill on the SE side. We played on the playground equipment and walked around the monument playing tag (my grandfather's name was on that monument). I even used to climb the huge weeping willow tree on the West side of the park by the baseball fields.

I lived on 123rd and Parnell, Assumption B.V.M. 1972, Seton 1976.
One of the last to move out in 79. Worked at Parnell Pharmacy during high school. Remember the gumballs with stripes that would get you a candy bar? Coke's at lunchtime for penny candy, the shoemaker, the post office/card shop, the dress shop, Cylc's bakery and Adent's all on 123rd. Then there was Steve's with the pencil behind his ear and the paper where he quickly added your total. A tavern on just about every corner. Old Time Tavern at 124th and Parnell was only a few doors down and even as kids we'd go in for pretzels and pop (as long as we came in the back door). Downtown Roseland offered all the shopping anyone needed... Kresge's for a pizza slice and a Green River then the Karamelcorn shop across the street and Gateley's for school uniforms and anything else you needed. And let's not forget Home Store. We never locked our doors except at bedtime and everyone knew everyone and respected each other and each other's property. No one feared for their lives and as long as kids came home when the street lights went on, parents didn't worry too much about what their kids were doing. It was a great place to grow up. There just aren't neighborhoods like that anymore. I sometimes wonder what the neighborhood would be today if people didn't move. I imagine flourishing businesses and great historic homes and the next generations of wonderful childhoods. I'm thankful to be fortunate enough to have grown up in Roseland/West Pullman. While the buildings and businesses gave the neighborhood character it was the hard-working, good-hearted people that made the neighborhood great.
on Oct/15/2007 at 22:17

great site, I was so sad when I read the posting by "Ice Mike" . I grew up at 30 e 118th place. The homes on either side burned down and are now vacant lots. worked at Home Appliance during my high school years at Fenger. Graduated in 1970.we moved,along with over half of the other families on our street ,in the summer of 1973. We stayed as long as we could,but when my grandmother was mugged going to the Home Store one afternoon when some people were looking at our house which was already up for sale,that was truly the icing on the cake!!!! We never used to lock our garage doors and the house was always unlocked until we went to bed. It was one of the safest areas of the city,so sad to see it is now the WORST!
on Oct/15/2007 at 17:48

I just want to say I grew up in Roseland but not in you guys days,its totally different from back then in the early days. I lived in roseland from 1996 - present. I have to say you had to be tough to grow up in roseland. I am 22 years old. I just wish Roseland was like how you guys say it was.
I lost 3 classmates to senseless violence. Many people that are not from here does not come past 95th street. The area is now known as the Wild Wild 100's., if you not from Roseland you are not welcome its sounds crazy but it's true. In the summer instead of hanging at the pool or park you hear gunshots dam near every other night, one guy i grew up with was shot 8 times on 118th/ princeton on christmas eve of 2004.
Now things are crazy out here, boarded up houses, gangs and drugs has took over the whole area. Fenger high now has the lowest scores thoughout the city with a graduation rate of 43%.
I just wish Roseland was like how you guys say it was. The strip as we call it closes down at 6:30p.m. everynight . I have memories of roseland but most of them are kind of bad, I will never forget the Roseland Serial Killer in the Summer of 2000, there was a killer out on the loose in roseland he killed 7 women that summer and put their bodies in abandon houses in roseland, I just finshed my freshamn year that summer and everyone was afraid to come out side. I will never forget Blair Holt the 16 year old that lost his life coming home from school on the 103rd street bus on 103rd/Lowe. Mayor Daley marched out here back in August to help stop the Violence but its seems like Roseland is getting more deadly.
I wish somebody can come save our neighborhood, its my home too. I guess back then those were the golden days, because now its Roseland's Bloody Years and the blood keeps pouring and pouring. In 2003 Roseland was consider to be one of chicagos' worst neighborhood to grow up in . On averge Roseland consist of 35-40 murders per year now thats crazy
on Oct/14/2007 at 21:41

Loved looking at your site - I felt like I was peeking in on my past. It brought back memories - My mother Eva Maginel lived at 108th Place. My Father Norman Hillegonds lived at 11616 Lafayette. My grandparents all lived in Roseland, along with great uncles and aunts. Most are gone now. Great memories I had of going to the American Legion Post 49 - Uncle Cornelius Hillegonds was a commander there and my Grandmother Ann Hillegonds was a gold star mother, and in charge of the Ladies Auxillery. Great great site...many many thanks. Thank you so much for sharing the memories.

Dawn Hillegonds Greiner
Messages : 1558 to 1566
Page : 174
Number of messages : 1764