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on Apr/20/2007 at 20:54

What a wonderful place and time it was. Everything you could ever want all in one Community- Roseland.
I was a police officer in Kensington for a number of years and Roseland was my beat most of the time.
I Graduated from Mendel 1965, and still have fond memories of walking "Up the Ave", Nino's Pizza, Giovanni's Pizza, The Cigar store on 111th & Michigan....Nick's Chuck Wagon before and after school....Dances at Mendel....Sliders at 111th & State, The Home Store, Gately's, The Sugar Bowl at 107th & Michigan...(My dad had a hardware store at 107th & Michigan....the blue Note Tavern was next door).
Yes....gone indeed....but not forgotten.....What a time it was.
Race A-go-go in the old Jewel Store at 108th & Michigan....Berman's....The State Theater....Drunken Johnny (King Kong), Parades down Michigan Avenue, The Island in the Pond at Mendel....Swimming at Palmer Park....the Green Mill Radio Supply on 111th Street....The Big Boy on the corner by the State Theater....Preskus Rexall just to the north, Coney Island Red Hots across the street.....The carnivals at All saints and St. Anthony....Especially eating Oysters with hot Sauce.....The Normal and Roseland Theaters.....What a place indeed....Every type of store and shop you could ever need, mostly mom and pop businesses where the customer came first, and they were always glad to see you.
Zordan Music Store….home of the booths where you could preview the latest record before buying…..The Original Darvin Furniture….The Bowling Alley, and so much more. Every automobile make was represented by a local dealership…there was even a boat store on 113th & Halsted.
More restaurants than you could ever remember….Jewelry stores, Jostes Stationary, Herman’s Army-Navy Surplus, American Toy, Stu DeJong, Kresges and Woolworths,
Jewel and A&P, Spillers on 119th street, Jawor’s catering on Halsted, Pestone Plating on 107th street, Pete’s City Service on 107th & State, Master Brake, Dapkus Printers, Yos Pharmacy on 108th & Michigan, Frank Pavilon’s Certified, Peterson & Johnson Grocery, Joe Matusek’s Tavern, Pappas Cleaners on 106th & Michigan, Root Brothers, Kingsway Drive In, Sherwin Williams. Pesavento’s…..and the list goes on and on….what great memories of great people and the greatest neighborhood ever.
What an unfortunate demise.
on Apr/19/2007 at 20:42

Thank you for keeping Roseland alive....Grew up on 109th Walbash & 105th Indiana.....Attended both Van Vlissingen & Kohn schools....graduated 1969. Moved to Cicero/Berywn (Ugh!) 1969. I remember crying in the back seat of the car as we moved away from wonderful times, friends, and the only place that ever felt like a community. I never found another Roseland.

My brother Wayne Cleek went to Fenger. My best friend Beverly Racine went to Curtis. My Mom worked at Weibolts in the loop.
I remember waiting for the bus that brought her home every night on South Park Ave. Here's to the kids on the 105th street
hanging out in front of Jo & Ann's little grocery store,
buying Kayo pop inside Lodgies Corner Bar, and all of the
fun on the "Ave", Mendel dances & bonfires, Y-Dances and football games at Gately Stadium. Shopping at Gordons
and Robert Hall with my sister. What was the name
of that little record shop on the Ave? Day Camp at Palmer
Park, State Theater, Walgreens, Tartans, Root Brothers
and swimming at the Pump. And my very favorite...That
little public library on Indiana Ave near Mendel's field. It's still there and looking good.
Loved sharing this all.......
on Apr/05/2007 at 14:09

Anybody recall a little grocery store on E 118th owned by a man named Chester Biernat? Or Gentile's (sp?) Pharmacy on the corner of E 118th?
Messages : 1558 to 1566
Page : 174
Number of messages : 1710