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on Mar/23/2007 at 17:56

Just read through all the messages posted and it brings back many memories.
Went to West Pullman, Riverdale Branch, Van Vlissingen, Curtis and (1966) Fenger.
Grew up on 117th Lowe, 133rd Prairie and 120th & Wallace. Across the street was Darvin furniture. Went to Darvin's in Orland and talked with one of the sons. He took me into his office and showed me pictures of the old store. Unreal.
Most of my relatives were also Roselandites, Martins, Vinks and Schultz's.
Miss the friends that were made, Peggy Stevenson and Vicky Dal Santo and enoy the friends that keep in touch like Bagnara and all the Adents.
Once a year, Puczki Day or Fat Tuesday, a bunch of us get together to enjoy a delicious buffet at Warsaw Inn. We always have a great time remembering what used to be and what we used to do.
Where else could you leave your door open or walk up and down 123rd street? Driving down Michigan ave, fun.
See you at the reunion.

on Mar/18/2007 at 19:45

My brother Bob and I grew up at 11130 S. Parnell. I went to Brennan "grammar" school, and Fenger High -- graduated 1959.

Used to hang out at Chris's Sweet Shop (if I recall the name correctly) at 111th and Wallace. In the summer, when Fenger was closed and the place was mostly dead, my friend Kenny Anderson and I would buy a dime Coke each, and sit in a booth reading all the comic books on the racks. But on school days when school was in session, Chris's was jumping! Packed at lunchtime and after school -- kids dancing to that dangerous new Rock 'n' Roll on the jukebox.
Messages : 1558 to 1566
Page : 174
Number of messages : 1703