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on Nov/13/2007 at 19:45

Thank you for the journey back to the old neighborhood.So much forgotten; lost.Shame on the powers that were responsible for the uprooting of an entire community.Being Pullman residents now, my husband,Roy and I often cross under the viaduct to Roseland visiting the places we once called HOME.To my knowlege all that remains are Roseland Pontiac,Tony's Auto Body,Root Bros.Mfg & Supply CO.,Stewart Roofing, and The Ranch Steak House. Churches-Holy Rosary(Irish) and St. Anthony. Living in this Historic area we are mindful of how very lucky we are for Pullman's existance.Our diversity and civic pride have made us strong,but," we are an island".The expressway and train are our daily connections to the outer areas for work,shopping, entertainment and so many other necessities.I come from 3 generations belonging to Holy Rosary; which is having much difficulty now.My husband Raul(Roy) and his family are St. Anthony goers.We'll be visiting your sight from time to time and will be happy to give our old Roseland chums your address. Thanks Again, Patty(Duddy) and Roy Oyervides
on Nov/06/2007 at 07:05

Just found this site, and logging on here to see who is here!

Nansen grad '67; Fenger '71
on Nov/03/2007 at 01:57

What a pleasure to visit the site after many years; what a great job you have done; Tom, etal. Born and raised in Roseland; lived at 103rd and Yale avenue in later (more afluent) years after being raised at 109th Place and the "Tracks". Went to 1st - 8th grade at Van Vlissingen; then repeated the eight grade at Kohn (finally graduated in 1953). Worked first delivering the Calumet Index, then at the Spiegel Catalog store on the "Ave" and finally after learning to swim; worked as a lifeguard at Rainbow Beach and then the "Pump". Attended and graduated from CVS (Oh no!)in 1957;
because (bless her heart) my mom felt I needed to learn a trade.

I have great memories of that time and was the recipent of many of God's blessings; not the least of which was to grow up in a neighborhood like Roseland! I read the note from another on the forum about the status of the area now..... what a tragity that it has come to that stage. I visited the area this summer with my son and drove through the old neighborhoods of 101st; 103rd and 115th; and although I was set back by the negative changes (and advised by the police not to stop); we had a great visit. Sorry for the ramblings; but its your fault Tom; it invoked great memories of a past period of my life..... thanks for your efforts.

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Messages : 1558 to 1566
Page : 174
Number of messages : 1778