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on Sep/17/2006 at 22:16

I just wanted to add that for about 30 years my maternal grandparents, Lloyd and Dora Leidberg, Roselanders who moved to Southern California in the 1920s, held an annual "Roseland Picnic" at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, which was very well attended by ex-pat Roselanders. This event got a fair amount of press in LA and was a source of immense pride and pleasure to my grandparents, who missed their hometown so much. My grandfather was a Pullman conductor and my grandparents made a trip back home every year, at the railroad's expense, for as long as I can remember. I visited Roseland with them several times mysel and have fond memories of all my relatives there, most of whom worked for either the Pullman Co or for Ford Motor Co.
on Sep/17/2006 at 22:09

My greatgrandparents, Claus & Ruth Brons Slager were immigrants from Holland who settled in Roseland when they were teenagers in the late 1880s. They married and raised 8 children there, including my maternal grandmother Dora Slager Leidberg, born in 1998. They lived in a house at 329 W. 111th St (built in 1907 and still there) and I remember visiting them there when I was a child in the late 1940s. Claus had a grocery store somewhere in Roseland. Just thought I would post this and someone might find it of interest.
on Sep/09/2006 at 09:52

We just let the committee know we'll be at the reunion on the 17th. Nice to see the names of old friends here. Hope more will add their notes. I went to Brennan (class of 64) and Fenger (6 and lived at 11130 Normal for many years. Look forward to seeing you at the reunion. Little known fact: My great great grandparents were one of the first 11 families to settle Roseland in 1849 on 110th & Michigan.
on Sep/08/2006 at 18:19

I just found this site, thanks to my brother whom I just visited in Island Lake this past weekend.
Graduated from Gompers (grades k - in 1970. Anyone out there from my class? Have often wondered what happened to all those kids.
Went to St. Willibrord's High School 1970-1972. Have since moved away. Miss the old Roseland, lots of good memories.
Messages : 1558 to 1566
Page : 174
Number of messages : 1629